About Us
Asha Deep Foundation is a Non Profit Organisation, carrying out development activities since last 30 years in 73 slums of North East district of Delhi near Delhi-UP border and the five villages of Loni block of Ghaziabad district. Since its inception, the emphasis was given on the holistic development of the community people. Therefore, no area of development was untouched in the process of community development. This is the strong belief of the foundation that all section of the society be covered to experience a visible change.India is succeeding well in the field of economic development and giving tough challenge to develop and developing countries to acquire top position in the world arena in next 12 years.

The available potential for economical growth has made a positive development with support of intellectual progress. The nation’s wealth reserve has also grown to a moderate volume. But It’s benefits are only visible in the living standard of upper and upper middle class society, unfortunately the lower section of society such as Dalits, Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribes and Backward class remains in the same isolation as ever. The reason for their wretched condition is uneven distribution of wealth among all the section as well as ignorance of social development of these community. Though on record many beneficial schemes are introduced by the government, but that is accessible to only a few people. Century old practice of being suppressed is still haunting in the minds of these communities resulting in obstacle in empowerment, unemployment and under development. The Universal Development can only be achieved by empowering these vulnerable communities socially, Economically and politically, which consists nearly half of the population of the Nation and nearly 1/12 of entire global population. Their empowerment can be made possible by bringing them to platform where all the citizens enjoy equal advantage of development.

The purpose of the Asha Deep Foundation (ADF) is to work among people who live in urban and rural area so that they may be empowered and enriched to shape their own destiny. The mission of the ADF is that underprivileged people remain the nuclear of all development activities.Asha Deep Foundation is executing the development activities in the urban slums, resettlement colonies and rural to reach out maximum number of community people who are socially, economically, politically and culturally disadvantaged. The society firmly believes in the holistic development in its totality of the community people.

Therefore, all efforts are made to bring a positive change in the over all situation of deprived community by introducing number of activities for their development. This is the strong belief of the society that a unique social order can only be maintained by involving every individual to experience the benefits of development. Hence, The society is presently working with nearly 1 million people of its targeted intervention area. The foundation is running nearly 28 project of development and almost all the people of the community e.g. women, children, senior citizen, physically challenged and orphan and destitute are being benefited by the programmes.

Our Vision
To help people realise their potentialities and human dignity and create their own future.
Our Mission
To work amongst the deprived and underprivileged community to inspire and motivity them to realise their human dignity, develop their own capacity and help them to solve their own problems. The organisation strives to work for the social and economic development of the people by providing whatever practical help they need in the form of information, advice, capacity building, training and support.
List of Governing Body Members
S.No. Name Designation
1. Mr. Noel Vaghela President
2. Dr. (Mrs.) Kalavathy Rajkumar Vice president
3. Sr. Jothi Chetty Secretary
4. Rev. Sailakant Bagh Interim Treasurer
5. Rev. H. K. Chetty Member
6. Rev. Marshall Henry Member
7. Rev. (Mrs.) Anu Vaghela Member
8. Mr. Thomas Paul Member
9. Pastor Raju Philipose Member
10. Dr. K.R.P. Khosala Member
11. Mr. Pramod Singh Member
12. Mr. N. K. Biswas Member
13. Rev. Dr. Christopher Member
14. Mr. Abraham Mathew Member
15. Mr. Nirmal Singh Member
Our New Board Members w.e.f. 23rd January 2015
S.No. Name Designation
1. Fr. Susai Sebastian President
2. Rev. Christopher Raj Vice president
3. Rev. Sailakant Bagh Treasurer
4. Mrs. Jothi Chetty Secretary
5. Mr. Pramod Singh Member
6. Pastor Raju Philipose Member
7. Dr. Kalavathy Rajkumar Member
8. Rev. H. K. Chetty Member
9. Rev. Marshall Henry Member
10. Dr. K.R.P. Kosala Member
11. Mr. Nirmal Singh Member
12. Mr. Thomas Anthony Member
13. Mr. Jihosuya Jena Member
14. Mrs. Roma Naomi Das Member
15. Mr. Abraham Mathew Member

Organizational Profile
Name of the organization
Registered Office
Jothi Chetty
(Secretary & Chief Executive)

Asha Deep Foundation
175 C, J & K Pocket
Dilshad Garden , Delhi – 110095
Tel: 0120-2626309
Mobile :9810009497
Website: www.adf.org.in

Central Office
Asha Deep Foundation
D-81, Shahid Nagar
Delhi – U. P. Border
Ghaziabad (U. P.)
Tel: 0120-2626309
Website: www.adf.org.in
Registration of the Society
Registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860
Registration No 53221
Registered Under the FCRA Registration Act 1976
4. Exempted Under 80G (5) (VI) Exempted Under 80G (5) (VI) of the Income tax 1961


Operational Structure of the Organization

Governing Body
Executive Committee
Management Committee
Chief Executive
Project Managers
Community Organizers
Social Workers/Teachers/Instructors

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